Still sewing in tails...

So, I am still sewing in tails... but I have finally finished my large granny square blanket! This is the largest crochet project I have ever finished. I love it! Though, next time I will remember to sew in the tails as I go. Seriously. What a pain.

Anyway, it is the first time I have ever tried the Continuous Join Method & I don't see that I will ever try to sew them together again. It was so easy once you got the first couple rows done. :) The best part is, it lays completely flat. Unlike ruffles, it has no ridges! ;)

Now I have to find another project to start... perhaps I will give knitting another go. Tis' the season!

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  1. Oh I love love this! I learned to crochet on an giant afghan that is just a huge granny square with scrap yarn. I suck at sewing in the tails. I don't even know a real method so It always looks horrible. Your huge project looks great, though.

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

    Amanda Rose


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