Sweet 16 + Cardstore Review

The Mister & Me, with the Noland girls. (His Nieces) Last X-Mas
Today, the Mister & I are off to Mr. B's niece's sweet 16 birthday party. I am totally excited because I get to finally give her the gift I have spent the past two weeks knitting! And let me tell you, knitting in August/September is not that fun. Haha.

Her birthday was actually yesterday, ooohh Friday the 13th! So I decided to go ahead & send her birthday card along before her actual party so that she has something from us to open on her birthday. With such perfect timing, I was actually contacted by Lauren from Cardstore.com to do a review this week!

I am so glad that Lauren told me about Cardstore.com as I am completely in love with this site! Cardstore is a great way to customize a greeting card. You can be as creative as you want with different colors & fonts to choose from. Not to mention they have the cutest selection of cards I have ever seen!

I can't explain it any better than the site does itself, so I will use their words here:

With Cardstore, it's all about you. Cardstore blends the very best of design and messaging into a top notch, ready-to-mail product that's stamped with your own personal touch. Now you can create and send the perfect card that expresses exactly what's on your mind, whenever the occasion (or inspiration!) strikes.

Customizing couldn't be easier. Upload a picture. Type a quick message. Finish with a signature. Or, simply choose a card, enter the address, and hit send. Your greeting is printed, stamped and mailed in a few days flat (and you never even set foot in a store)!

With a Cardstore account, you can...
  • Browse our card collections, then save your favorites for later
  • The choice is yours - have your cards sent directly to your recipients or hand-deliver yourself
  • Design anytime, then schedule to mail in advance
  • Import addresses to make every order a breeze
  • Track the status of your order from print house to mailbox
Picking out a card was the hardest part! There are way too many adorable cards to choose from.  Some of my favorites include, Birthday Balloons, Happy Birthday Flowers, & the Manatee Angel. After flipping back & forth between quite a few different cards, I eventually settled on the Mushy Gushy Sixteenth birthday card. To me, it just fit perfectly for Sierra, as she is not the mushy type.

Customizing was a snap! Just click Make Your Card. The editable portions of the card are selected. You then can type what you wish in the box & even select the color & font of the text. Here I typed in Sierra's first & middle name. I then chose the Wild Bill font as it believe it looked best & I left the font white. When finished you click done, & you can move on to the inside of the card.

Once again, customizing the card on the inside was a breeze. Just click on the portion of the card which you want to edit. Here, I was editing the signature line of text. I kept it to a simple short & sweet message, & changed the font to my desired look. 

You have many options once you get to the inside of the card. You can add more blocks of text & even images! The possibilities are endless really! Once I had accomplished the look I wanted, I clicked done & moved on to the back of the card.

You have options on the back of the card as well! However, I kept it simple & moved on to the preview. I made sure everything was spelt correctly & how I wanted it set. Then I clicked, Save.

Here is what is really awesome about the Cardstore. You can have the card sent right out to your loved one! No trip to the post office. Sweet! You can also have it shipped to yourself if you feel more comfortable mailing it yourself. Since time was an issue for me, I wanted to make sure she received it as soon as possible. So I had my new friends at Cardstore send it out for me.

The best part, if I had to choose only one, is the price. Most of the cards actually cost less than the ones you find in the store. AND they are custom! It really is a no brainer here. I plan on using Cardstore for all of my future birthday card purchases. Plus, with Christmas being right around the corner... I have half a mind to use them for my yearly Christmas cards as well. 

Cardstore has many products & occasions to choose from, Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday, Invitations, Stationary & more! So what are you waiting for? Do you have a loved one with a birthday coming up? Or how about just wanting to send a little something to let them know you were thinking of them? I would give Cardstore a try!

Have you already used Cardstore? How do you like it? Are you a fan yet on their Facebook page? If not, click here!

*Disclaimer: The awesome people at Cardstore.com &/or Cardstore.com's PR Team sent me a promo code for my expressed interest in their company. I was in no way paid for my opinions. As always, the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and were in no way influenced by the company providing the product.

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