Time Flies + September's Final Aloha Friday

Ever look at the calendar & realize that not only has an entire week passed, but the month has flown on by as well? That is totally what has happened to me this month. If there ever was a month for phone calls, it would be this September for me. With the Mister's injury & dealing with his companies HR center, as well as Workers Comp, I would bet that I was on the phone more this month, than I have been all year. 

The Mister was supposed to be home for quite a few more weeks. He wasn't supposed to be back until December first. But after seeing the doctor that our Workers Comp case worker sent us to, he has already been returned to work. Mr. B is not a happy camper. He started back on Tuesday & after arriving home, he is miserable & in so much pain. I feel so bad for him & I am so extremely angry that he was not given enough time to heal. 

I am trying to keep a positive look on things. I am happy to have had three & a half weeks with him home. I honestly thought that I would have been excited for him to go back to work. Instead, I cried. And then I felt stupid for crying. But I couldn't help it. I was not ready for him to go back to work. I almost think that I took it harder than he did. 

The worst part is watching Odin wait at the door when the Mister leaves for work in the morning. After three weeks of his Daddy being home, he's not sure what to make of him leaving. He waits by the door for quite a while before eventually moving on to doing what dogs do. It's heartbreaking, really.

But, life must go on. If only that winning lottery ticket would find it's way into my pocket, so that the Mister would never have to return back to work & he can stay home with us. Dream big, eh?

So with it being September's final Friday, let's get hoppin' with my final Aloha Friday! It's been great linking up with all you wonderful people this month. I apologize for being so quite this month. As you can see, we've been quite busy in the Mister & Me household. 

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