It's in the little things...

Like car rides & walks in the sunshine with Mr. B & Odin. ♥

Hello, October. {September Recap}

I sure hope you are kind to us. As September was kind of a witch! ;) Well, things can only get better right... right?!? Hey, why are you laughing? The Mister & Me's new catchphrase should be, "If it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all." September was mighty crazy & I can honestly say I am happy for it to be over. 

But aside from a slightly-kinda-major thing, times weren't all that bad. I got to spend three weeks with my Mister home. I got to try hard cider for the first time, & Mr. B actually was home for his birthday this year. We also got to see the oldest of the Noland girls (The Mister's Nieces) get her first car at her sweet sixteen party. We got to try out a delicious salsa, & I even tried a simple but new recipe. I had the pleasure of participating in the Aloha Friday hop, & have seemed to capture a few new readers. (Hello you lurking new hitchhikers! ♥ Thanks for joining us.) And of course we can't forget that I let my geek side show with my new friend/love affair.

So bring it on October, you beautiful month you! I'm ready for hoodies, changing leaves, new Netflix arrives & all the apple treats you have to offer. Sorry, you pumpkin lovers, it's all about the apples! ;) I never could get into the pumpkin trend, but that's okay... more pumpkin for you, right!? 

Let's see where October takes us... I do hope you will all stick around. :)
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