Ancient... like a dinosaur.

Mr. B's ancient, think Bedrock Fred Flinstone, computer finally decided to give up the ghost last night. His monitor burned out completely & I find it really odd as I was just telling you guys that I had hopes for a new computer making its way into our house.

Kind of spooky ain't it?

Anyway, we talked about replacing just the monitor. The computer still runs even though it gives us every problem in the world. It must be close to 15 years old by now. We entertained the thought & searched for deals. It seemed the best we could do was just a tad under $100. That to me seemed ridiculous, especially when we're not even 100% sure that it would connect to his stone age system. So I decided to just look & see what there was out there in terms of bundles. It is the season for that you know! Couldn't of been a better time to replace it. We found a HP computer with Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, & an HP Wireless All-in-One printer for under $500 at Walmart. Problem solved. His current printer is just as old as his computer & it has been finicky about printing for the past year or so. On the credit card it went. Of course we are completely broke now, but who isn't this time of year?

What's on your Christmas wish list this year? Aside from that $500 million dollar lotto ticket? Haha.


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