Oh boy...

How boring a blog can be when the blogger's life is! At least lately.

There have been two constants the past couple months. The first one is snow... & a lot of it! We just can't seem to get away from it. One storm after another & we ended up with over two feet of snow in our backyard. All if which is melting so darn slow. I'm ready for spring! I'm ready for planting in the garden, for wearing skirts, for being able to have the windows open in the car... Longest winter ever!

The second constant is crochet. It seems to have become my saving grace. I could not imagine being cooped up in the house this long without all my beautiful & bright colored yarn. Though, I did buy something recently that I'm getting a kick out of. After a trip to Joann Fabrics, I'm now the owner of four knifty knitter round looms. So much fun! I've always loved the look of knitting, but have had trouble keeping tension & droping stitches on the knitting needles. I'm still new to it, but I'm enjoying my new yarn craft.

I know my blog has been hearing crickets as of late. It's not easy finding something to post about this winter. I know posts will be picking up in the spring though. Just got to hang on a little longer! ;)

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