I've been a loomin'.

You've been what?!? 


I recently acquired a round loom set on a past trip to Joann Fabrics. What is a loom you ask? A loom is used to loom knit hats. Not just hats mind you, the possibilities are pretty endless as long as you have the correct loom. The round looms I purchased are great for the obvious, knitting in the round. But you can also knit scarves too! Though from what I have seen, scarves knitted on the long looms are more a plenty in the pattern department.

Alas, I don't own a long loom yet, but I hope to in the future. They also have looms large enough to knit entire afghans. Completely amazing yes? Damn right! 

I was so excited to be able to knit. I tried my hand at the knitting needles & I just can not for the life of me get used to them. Maybe I am just too spoiled with the ease of my crochet hook, or maybe I just really don't like how long it takes to actually knit something. My frustration with knitting needles made me want to give up entirely. WHY would I knit a scarf for weeks at a time, when I could crochet one in less than three hours? Huh! Why?

But back to the round loom. I was able to loom knit a cabled slouch hat in about a day. I have wanted to knit cables ever since I started working with yarn. Okay, maybe three & a half years isn't that long, but it was long enough! I can tell you that much! The hat in the first picture is the finished product of a days work & despite it having two minor flaws, I am in love with it. 

So in love I have started on my second one, this time in a beautiful blueish teal. Pictures do not do this yarn any justice. Both hats were/are made with Red Heart Soft yarn. This yarn is gorgeous & super soft! The first hat was made in the color Heather & the second Teal.

Don't think that I have forgotten about my first love, my crochet hook. I had spent the last month working on my Alice in Wonderland themed top hat for the Mad Hatter Challenge hosted over at The Crochet Crowd. I have two appliques left to sew on & then it is off to Canada this weekend. Pictures will be shared when they go live sometime in April. :) I am so excited!

So far this year I have crocheted three things, my Mad Hatter Top Hat, an adorable stuffed cow for a family member, & a bright colored afghan to cheer me up from the long winter blues.

So that is what has been going on over in these parts. I'm hoping for some nice weather & for spring to appear. I can not believe how cold it has been. Winter has had a death grip this year, I swear!
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