Five years...

On Sunday, the Mister & I celebrated our five year anniversary. It's truly hard to believe just how fast time has gone by. Yet, at the same time, it feels like it has been forever. Mr. B actually woke up early so he could sneak out & get me a little something before I woke up. He brought me home gorgeous flowers, a beautiful card, candles & caffeine! 

We decided that we would celebrate by spending the morning bowling at our local bowling alley. I had not been bowling in ages & it was even longer since the Mr. B had gone. 

Okay, so I really sucked at it, but I had a lot of fun! I'm glad we went & I do believe that we will be going back sometime in the near future.

Last week we were also able to make reservations for Sunday night at our favorite sushi restaurant in Collegeville, Bonjung Japanese. We've been there quite a few times, remember my birthday? Honestly this place has amazing food & I feel that we are lucky that it is a fair amount of miles away as I would gladly eat there everyday for the rest of my life. No joke.

They even brought us Tempura Fried Ice Cream to share, on the house, for our Anniversary. Have I mentioned how incredible this place is? Not only is the food to die for, but they do their best to make you feel welcome... kind of like family. ♥

After we were finished eating, we caught this furry little fellow running up & down the tree just outside of the restaurant. When I took out my camera, he turned around & looked directly at me. So adorable! I was so glad I had my camera on me!

Ha! We had a very lovely day & I hope to have many more days like it in our future. ♥


  1. Congrats girl on 5 years! That dessert looks yummy and I am jealous you got to enjoy it.
    Your photography is awesome, what do you use?

  2. Thank you, Cheltee! ♥
    I shoot with a Canon Rebel XS 18-55mm & edit with Lightroom 4. :)

  3. This is a bit belated but happy anniversary to you both! Five years is quite the milestone, and I wish you many, many more happy years together!

  4. Happy 5 year anniversary! Looks like you spent a lovely day together, and the food looks lovely. Never tried sushi but it always looks so appealling, and that dessert? Yum!


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