I've gone MAD...

That's right! I am letting everyone know it. I have officially gone MAD.

A few months ago The Crochet Crowd announced a new challenge. This challenge was something they had never done before. The challenge was to go mad as a hatter & join the Mad Hatter Crochet Challenge. To enter into the crochet challenge, one must crochet a top hat with the pattern provided. Once the top hat had been made, you could then go mad & add whatever embellishments you wished as long as they go with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Nothing was off limits, any version or interpretation was accepted! And once your hat was finished, you were to mail it off to The Crochet Crowd in Canada, where it would be displayed, judged, voted on, & eventually sold at the Creativ Festival next weekend April 25th & 26th.

When The Crochet Crowd created this challenge, they never dreamed that they would get the response that they did. They assumed that at most 50 hats would arrive in the mail & that choosing a winner would be a breeze. To their amazement they received nearly 350 hats from all over the world. So many hats that they had to completely change their mindset on how to judge & display so many hats. Their booth at the Creativ Festival has been taken over by all things Alice! If I could find a way across the border in time for the festival, I would totally be there as I am sure it is going to be something you would have to see to believe.

The pictures show here are pictures I took of my entry before I mailed it off to Canada for my chance to be a part of Creativ Festival history. I am very proud to say the majority of my hat was made through trial & error with no pattern. All of which adds to it's individuality. Not bad for someone who has only been crocheting for a few years, eh?

Want to see the other entries, awesome! Click here. I was blown away by just how amazingly talented my fellow Crochet Crowders are! I hope to see more challenges like this in the future, as I had so much fun taking part. The chance of winning that prize doesn't hurt either! ;)

You can find my entry on page 18! 

Aren't you just mad about these hats!?!?


  1. Brilliant! You're so lucky to be able to crochet, I can knit very well but crocheting has always gone over my head, just can't grasp it, so I'm always envious :-)


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