Deafening Ice & Wind

I am completely exhausted & my nerves are shot. I'm just coming down from the panic mode I was thrust into when a dangerous thunderstorm hit my city. Normally I love thunderstorms, but this one had nearly 2" hail. The sound of it hitting the roof was deafening. It pounded constantly for ten minutes. I watched as the hail bounced off our car, wondering which piece would be the one to bust the windshield or sunroof. Luckily dents were the only damage left by the storm. My neighbor wasn't as lucky, her kitchen window shattered by a piece of siding that blew into her home.

The hubby was at work, where the hail was larger than golf balls. The sky lights at his work & other business around him collapsed. Shattered glass, ice & rain poured down into the aisles around him. Every car in the parking lot was damaged. Dings, dents, & broken windshields. His motorcycle damaged as well. It will cost a couple hundred dollars to fix, but the car would have faired much worse.

After we thought it was over, round two began. I quickly grabbed a comforter from the couch & tossed it over the windshield just in case the hail returned. Which it did for a few minutes. My heart pounded so hard in my chest as I ran back inside, soaking wet, chilled to the bone. My cell phone rang, vibrating on the table which lead me to jump. Just my hubby calling again to make sure I was okay. Rumors that a tornado touched down somewhere are spreading, but none have yet been confirmed.

I can live the rest of my life never hearing the deafening sound of ice & wind again. It's over, but now I want to cry. My adrenaline has worn off, leaving me a tired, emotional, wreck.

As far as excuses go, I think I have a fairly good one as to why I will be spending the rest of my evening watching Netflix & not on the treadmill. I've had enough excitement for the day.


  1. We must live in the same area because we went through this, this afternoon. That first round shattered my sisters car windows and my dad's car. I can't believe the damage I've seen from the mall here. That second round? I was on register at work and heard it starting and wanted to throw up/cry. That was seriously terrifying! I could do without that hail again! Glad you're safe!

  2. I live in south east Reading, near Mount Penn. My hubby works in Wyomissing. I've never heard something more horrifying. I'm glad that I was not the only one who found it scary. I've never experienced a hail storm like that. My neighbor's daughter had her windshield smashed. I'm sure if my hubby would have taken the car it would have been severely damaged as well.

    I'm glad you are safe as well! Let's hope we can get through the year without another storm like this!

  3. I live in Sinking Spring and my dad and sister work in Wyo, they got it much worse there! Thank goodness he didn't take it today! I'm definitely good on hail storms for the rest of my life!

  4. Completely agreed!
    Followed your blog! I am not aware of that many Berks County bloggers. :)

  5. I can't quite remember where you are located, but I remember seeing stories about these storms on the weather channel. Glad YOU are okay!


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