Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Today I am once again linking up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social! Let's get on with this weeks questions shall we?

1. Favorite type of work out to do?

Wow, people actually like to work out? Haha. Uhm, if I had to choose a favorite way of getting my rear in motion. It would have to be the hikes along Hay Creek with my boys, Mr. B & Odin. It's usually about a 2 mile walk along the canal. It's pretty & has enough up/down hills to keep my heart rate movin'.

2. Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?

I love Sour Gummy Worms, they are probably my go to sweet. But anything with Chocolate, Pretzels & Caramel & in close second.

3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?

Fold & put away laundry. If there is not another load to put into the dryer, I always forget to take that last load out. Yeah, I forget, that's the ticket! Maybe it's just my subconscious hate for laundry that completely causing me to blank out.

4. Posts its or phone reminders? Why?

Neither! I actually have a dry erase board that I put everything on. Mr. B never uses it, but I am able to keep track of his schedule, our shopping day, doctor's appointments & anything else that might pop up along the way.

5. Favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile.

Odin laying on my feet & Apollo in my lap while we watched movies on a rainy night in. Love my boys! ♥

Keurig OfficePRO & {Review}

Let's play word association. When I say what is the first thing that comes to mind? Office supplies. Well today folks we might just change that. Today I learned that sells more than just stacks of printer paper, pens, small electronics, computers & yes of course, office supplies. Today, thanks to Staples I am able to sit back & have a nice cup of fresh brewed coffee right here at home.

Did I say coffee? Yes, I did say coffee. Did you know that Staples sells Keurig Brewing Systems, such as the OfficePRO B145

The Keurig OfficePRO Single-Cup Commercial Coffee Brewer has three cup sizes to choose from. You can select a 6oz, 8oz or 10oz cup of coffee at the touch of a button & the removable drip tray even makes it easy to fill up your favorite travel mug for on the go enjoyment.

I personally like the capacity of the 48oz water reservoir & how easy it is to remove, clean & fill. Though Mr. B will probably drink all 48oz himself in a single morning. lol. I also like the auto-off feature which turns the machine off after two hours of non-use.

With the growing selection of K-cups available there is always something for everybody. The Keurig comes with a sample pack of K-cups to get your started. When it's time to restock, no problem, Staples carries a various selection of those too! I personally can't wait to try the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa in my Keurig!

Just a note, the My K-Cup refillable K-Cup is not compatible with the OfficePro, however, upon doing research there are many other K-Cup refillable alternatives out there which make the Keurig not only convenient but a cost effective & green choice one as well.

I love the fact that I can simply pour a mug of hot water as well. Forget boiling water on the stove in a kettle, you can pour hot water straight from the Keurig in less time for any non K-cup teas or hot chocolates by simply opening the lid, closing it without a K-cup & pushing Brew.

When you first turn the machine on, it takes a minute or two to warm the first cup of water. But as soon as your first cup is brewed the Keurig heats water for the next cup & stores it in the hot water reserve. I found this to be a pretty awesome idea as you never know when you might need that second, third, or even fourth cup to get you going. Plus it comes in handy for households that have more than one coffee/tea/cocoa drinker.

One feature I found really interesting was the draining feature. If you're moving or just simply storing your Keurig for an amount of time. You are able to drain the hot water reserve, back into the main water reserve. By following the steps inside your owners manual. (Yes, I read the owners manual. Yes, I ask for directions. Yes, I follow instructions. I am a woman after all. lol)

Now that I have my Keurig, I'm ready to invite all my friends over for coffee! Now, I just need to find me some friends. lol. :)

One thing is for sure, I love my Keurig. It has honestly made a coffee drinker out of me. I once was a once in a while Starbucks drinker who would never want to touch a hot cup of coffee unless it was from a diner. Now, I drink a couple cups in the morning & maybe even a decaf in the evening. Even Mr. B sees a difference between his old Black & Decker coffee pot & the new shiny Keurig. I think we might have a convert you all! :)

Do you have a Keurig? What is your favorite K-Cup?

To learn more about the Keurig OfficePRO & other items carried, visit

*Disclaimer: The awesome people at Staples &/or Staples PR Team sent me products to sample for my expressed interest in their company. I was in no way paid for my opinions. As always, the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and were in no way influenced by the company providing the product.

Surely you know about Cafepress!

Surely everyone knows about Cafepress by now. Yes, I'm serious & don't call me Shirley! Okay, now that that is out of my system. I'm pretty convinced that everyone has heard of Cafepress in one form or another. If you haven't already heard about these guys, you will now!

Cafepress is an online store that sells fun shirtscoffee mug, & tons of items for various hobbies. You can even order you own custom shirt! How cool is that?

While browsing their site, I totally hit the yarn/knit/crochet lovers jackpot of adorable items. I am in love with pretty much their entire collection of crocheter/kniter & photographer t-shirts, coffee mugs & bags. I also like the fact that they have many options for the plus size gal such as myself. Way to go Cafepress! Not everyone is blessed with a size 0 bod & you respect that... good on you mate! :)

I'm planning on making a purchase fairly soon but I really can't decided on which item I want. I really am thinking between this...

Peace-Love-Photography Messenger Bag

They are both really cute... So it's going to be a really hard decision. Maybe, I'll just have to look at my custom options & make my own. Tiebreaker! :)

Mr. B has been on vacation...

Since Mr. B has been off on vacation, I have not really had a chance to sit at the computer long enough to write a full blog post. Tomorrow & Saturday he will be out fishing, so I will have more time then, but I wanted to post a quick update to share with you guys what we have been up to.

Can you say ROAD TRIP! I swear it is one of my favorite things in the world. I love to just get in the car & explore. We don't get to do it too often because there is either not enough time. Mr. B works retail, or not enough money... let's face it, gas ain't cheap! But I have been so spoiled the past couple days & have been able to take some pictures along the way.

First trip was to Safe Harbor Dam & the Susquehanna River. 

And that was Road trip one!

Road trip two, was today & we went up to the Appalachian Trail. Not as many pictures today, it was pretty grey & rainy out.

So now that I have bombarded you with tons of pictures, you may now go on with your life as scheduled. :) Things shall be back to normal around here on Monday when Mr. B goes back to work. 



Let's try a different link up this afternoon. Today I am linking up with Harvesting Kale for the Currently Linky.

This week's themes are cleaning, planning, skipping, & wearing.

Let's get started shall we?

Cleaning: I spent some time cleaning off my kitchen counters this morning to make it photo ready for a review I have coming up. There is nothing worse than taking pictures & realizing just how cluttered your counters were while editing. I'm also re-organizing & cleaning out the files on my computer. I really want to do some spring cleaning house-style, but honestly it's still too cold & I am just not motivated. But I know as soon as the first really nice day comes around, the windows will be open & I will be a cleanin'.

Planning: I'm planning on how I want to expand my garden this year. We have a small city backyard, but I am thinking of making about half of it fresh vegetables this year. I guess we will see how that goes.

I am also planning a pretty nifty giveaway soon. It goes live on the first of April. No joke.

Skipping: Skipping breakfast this morning & having two cups of coffee instead sounded like a good idea... Then lunch time came around & I felt a bit ill. I don't think I will be doing that again any time soon. Stupid blood sugar, always has to ruin my fun. ;)

Wearing: You guys are seriously going to think I never change out of my pajamas. I guess, you would probably be right about that. Unless someone is coming over, or I am leaving the house, I am wearing my pj's. Sometimes, I switch from pajama pants to sweats. Gotta have some variety. ;)


A hundred blog ideas, forgotten. (More or less)

Why is it, when you are laying in bed at night, as you are just about to slip into lala-dreamland... You think of every fantastic, smart, witty, & oh so inspirational blog idea? 

Am I the only one who fools herself into thinking that I will actually be able to wake up & blog about the very dream dusted ideas I had the night before? Of course, when I wake up, I don't remember a single thing. I only remember that I had thought of something outstanding, life changing even! Okay, maybe not life changing. But still.

Several nights this week I have laid in bed & thought of many topics I would love to write about "when I wake up", but then something happens...

And I can't think of a single thing to write about. Maybe the next time I have a great idea, I'll get out of bed, trek downstairs & write about it on the spot. 

Yeah, I really see that happening.

Maybe I just need to brainstorm more often, during daylight hours. :)

Look who turned two today!

This handsome guy!

Yes, I am that crazy lady who puts birthday hats on her dog & takes tons of pictures. And, No, I am no ashamed of it. :) Look at those puppy dog eyes, how can you tell me he's not worth it? ;)

My Monster, my Baby, my Shadow, Odin, turned two years old today! To celebrate Mr. B & I bought him his very first marrow bone. I think he liked it, what do you think?

Yes, he even got to celebrate a day early (yesterday) because once again, the crazy blog lady inside me wanted to make sure the pictures went up on time. So Odin gets to celebrate twice, no biggie. I really don't think he will mind. :)

Now I am sure he is wondering why his Mommy only remembers his birthday every seven years! lol. He's growing up way too fast. It feels like just yesterday we brought home a little puff ball, he even was able to sit in the front seat with me on the way home! Time flies. 

Here, have a puppy picture! :)

That is from a day or two after we brought him home. ♥

Do you do anything for your pet's birthdays? It's a tradition Mr. B & I just started with Odin to at least get him a treat, a hat & snap a picture. :)

March Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box

This month I was so excited to be a part of Wifesionals Cara Box Exchange. What is a Cara Box? Well if you click here, you can read all about it. But don't forget to come back, because I want to show you what the amazing Laura from My Life South of the Mason-Dixon sent me!

Month after month, I have read about bloggers participating in these Cara Box exchanges. I was a bit hesitant to sign up before since I felt the topic might have been a little rough for me. However, this months topic was fairly simple. The Cara Box theme for March was the first initial of your Cara Box partners name. Well, I can do that!

You are teamed up with two people, one blogger to send to & one blogger who is sending to you. So, you really get to meet two new bloggers a month when participation in the Cara Box exchange. Despite a little drama that was had at the beginning of the month, & my original sending partner dropping out, I still had a very positive experience & look forward to doing it again. :)

My receiving partner's name is Krystal too! I found that very fun. Krystal blogs over at Pressing Pause. After chatting a bit, I found that we have very similar tastes & I found it fairly easy to select things to send in her Cara Box. I may have went a little overboard on my first box, as I really had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me. But I had a lot of fun putting together a box full of K's for her. See Krystal's Cara Box reveal, here.

My sending partner is of course, Laura from My Life South of the Mason-Dixon. I'm completely jealous of her right now because she is currently hiking through Zion National Park. I look forward to seeing pictures from her trip when she returns home. I enjoyed getting to know her both through her blog & through our emails. 

So what did Laura send me? I'll show you! :)

My Cara Box...

My "K" Cara box included two Kitchen towels, Kinetic Copper Nail Polish, K Stationary, Knitting Needles & Yarn to go with them. :)

Thank you so much Laura for the awesome Cara Box, Kaitlyn for organizing the whole Cara Box Exchange & Krystal for being an awesome Cara Box Partner. I look forward to doing it again, real soon! :)

Perky Jerky Giveaway Winner!

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday. Mr. B was off yesterday & today, so this will be a short little entry today. But don't worry, I have some things to share with you really soon!

I want to thank everyone who entered the Perky Jerky giveaway & today, I would like to announce the winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Nichole O! You won a one ounce caddy of Perky Jerky in your choice of Beef, Turkey or mixed. Please respond to the email I sent you this morning with your address & your choice of Perky Jerky within 24 hours to claim your prize. :)

Didn't win this time, don't worry! I have another giveaway coming up later this week! :) Just keep checking back.

Sunday Social

It's been a while since I linked up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social.

Sunday Social

Let's get right to it, shall we?

1. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day? 

I like to bum around the house, watch Netflix & work on my crochet projects.

2. Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend? 

Well, Mr. B works retail, so our weekends are usually weekdays. But we enjoy fishing. :)

Mr. B & a carp he caught a couple summer's ago. :) Horrible lighting, I know.

3. Favorite Spring accessory? 

Haha. My gardening gloves! Spring is when I get down to business & start planting! :)

Snaps from my garden last year.

4. Favorite way to spend a Winter day? 

I love the little day road trips Mr. B & I take during the winter. Especially when there is snow on the ground, since that is when it is prettiest.

Day trip to the Delaware Canal a couple years back.

5. What is your favorite season and why?

Autumn for two reasons... Halloween & the pretty fall leaves!

A walk through Nolde Forest, Autumn 2012.

6. Best birthday you ever had?

My best birthday was actually last year. I got to spend it with my family out in California. It was my first birthday spent with them in over ten years. I had a lot of fun!

Birthday dinner at a Southern California Mexican Restaurant. I was so embarrassed! lol.
Oh, & it was also a great birthday because as an early birthday present, Mr. B took me to see Nickelback! I adore them & it was something on my bucket list to do. I had an amazing time!

Cell phone picture. Nickelback Here & Now Tour, July 14th, 2012.

I want to be a crazy coupon lady!

Seriously folks. Netflix added the next season of Extreme Couponing, which I may or may not of watched in two days, & once again, I have that itch to go clipping crazy & annoy all the cashiers are my local supermarkets. "Look at all that free stuff" I say to Mr. B as my eyes are glued to the television set. Mr. B isn't quite on board with the whole crazy coupon lady thing, just yet. However, he does make a few good points. For example, who really needs ten thousand boxes of pasta, or five thousand bottles of sugar filled Gatorade? Well, I don't. Nor do I need a hundred  & fifty bags of candy.

Honestly the items that I would really love to stockpile are laundry soap, body soap, conditioner & shampoo, toilet paper, cat litter... you know, the necessities that you always need & tend to always run out of at the worst time. Where there is not even a square to spare.

Another downside to the crazy coupon lady thing, the amount of hours these people spend in the store. Nine hours in a grocery store. Seriously? I could never handle it. Mr. B & I like to get in, get what we need & get out in a little amount of time possible. Because honestly...

Between the clipping, the organizing, the scouting for sales, the nine hours in the actual store, the two hours it takes to load & unload your car, & then eventually add all these items into your stockpile. It's no longer free! Think about it, you did all that work for all those items. You spent a good 40 hours that week preparing for this haul of free items. You may not of spent any of the money in your pocket, but you did work for it.

I applaud all you ladies & gents that can pull this off, but just thinking about it makes me tired. 

So I guess in the long run, I would rather pay a dollar for a box of pasta when I need it. I do most of our shopping at Costco anyway. We buy our bulk that way, it's easier & cheaper for us. 

Though, I am sure as soon as the next season of Extreme Couponing makes its way to Netflix, I will get that itch again to become a crazy coupon lady.
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