T w e n t y - f i v e.

So, I completely  s l a c k e d  on posts last week. No only here on this little blog of mine but even on my personal Facebook page. Some of this would be because my laptop has been a royal pain in the ass. I am not even sure if I can fix it. I believe it's just bipolar & only wants to work on it's own terms. The other reason for my disappearance has been knitting & Netflix. I just started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the very first time. I am not quite sure why I had never watched it before, but I have since watched three seasons in the last two days. Hilarious. And, my final excuse reason for leaving you all in the lurch, exercise. Stop laughing! I'm totally serious! For my birthday, my wonderful family bought me a stationary exercise bike. It took me four... yes FOUR hours to build & has now taken residence in front of my television. Yes, shame on me for slacking digitally, but can I get a high five for actually taking the time to workout? I thought so. ;)

Let's play a little catch up shall we? Monday, the 19th was my 25th birthday! T w e n t y - f i v e. The first birthday where I woke up & actually felt older. Stupid, I know. But I'm being honest. Of course then I looked at Mr. B & instantly felt better because I'll always be young in his eyes. Ha! 

So anyway, we started the day off right by having a nice breakfast out complete with coffee. Our favorite place for breakfast is less than a mile from our home, the people are nice, the food is good, & the prices are really great. After breakfast Mr. B & I had to run to Walmart to pick up a few things. While we were there Mr. B bought me these beautiful flowers & I picked out these delicious vanilla bean cupcakes. Oh-my-goodness, these were amazing! 

Then we were off to visit an adorable little town called Saint Peter's Village. There isn't too much to see in this little town. Just an Inn, a Bakery & a few little shops.

I really wanted to check out this bakery, but they were closed on Monday. Mr. B & I will visit again sometime in the fall. And we will be checking the hours next time. :)

This little house/shop was so cute. The roof seemed to be made with tree bark & it had moss growing along it.

Across from the Saint Peter's Inn was a road leading to a beautiful Quarry. The ripples in the picture are from a couple teenage boys jumping from the top & making a fairly large splash. It sounded like it hurt & it was quite a jump. Those are trees on that hill, not bushes. I can only imagine the colors & how beautiful this will be in the fall. 

Behind the little town is French Creek. The creek flows through a series of large boulders. Even on a Monday, there were quite a few people out climbing the rocks. 

That's me! I decided to get my feet wet & climb over a few of the boulders to get a picture. Many thanks to Mr. B for getting this picture for me. There were no fish in the water, so he wasn't to interested in climbing down the rocks to get closer. The water was cold, but it felt amazing. I loved it!

My Mister. He was a little agitated because a wasp stung him on the way down to the creek. But he kept his calm. Good thing he didn't see the wasps hanging out in the flowers on that bush behind him. ;)

Beautiful flowers. I believe they are a type of hibiscus. I didn't even notice the wasp taking up residence inside it until we got home. I probably wouldn't have chanced it if I would have saw it first. lol.

From there we decided to head on home to get changed before we went out to dinner. After much flip flopping for weeks about where I wanted to go, we finally decided that we would in fact go to our favorite sushi restaurant. Both Mr. B & myself are fans of theirs on Facebook & after seeing post after mouth watering post, we were set in our decision. We had arrived a little bit early, so we decided to take a few pictures of us all dressed up.

Nearly 4 1/2 years together & this man still hasn't realized that goofy pictures will in fact end up on Facebook & my blog! He can't help but throw a silly one in every once in a while. ;)

Much better. :)

And here is something you won't see too often! I'm often much more comfortable being behind the camera than in front of it. However, I loved my birthday outfit & wanted to show it off. Plus, being down nearly 25 pounds has got me feeling a bit confident. I have a long way to go, but I am working on it. Slow & steady wins the race. 

After we took our pictures we went into our favorite sushi restaurant, Bonjung Japanese. It is located smack dab in the middle of Collegeville, Pennsylvania. I would like to congratulate them on once again winning the  title of Best Japanese in Best of Philly Magazine. They totally deserve it! If you are ever in the Collegeville area I would totally check them out!

And here is what the Mister & I ordered.  Freaking delish! I can't wait to go back. Their food is seriously amazing. What we have here, Philly Roll, Mackerel Sashimi, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Dragon Roll, & the TNT Roll. The TNT roll is very spicy & a new favorite.

After we ate they asked me what my name was. Remember how I said that the Mister & I are followers of them on Facebook? Well, they recognized me & knew it was my birthday! They surprised me with this wonderful ice cream, complete with a candle to blow out & even sung me happy birthday. I was amazed! The people at Bonjung Japanese are the best & have truly earned every cent we spend & every award they win. Needless to say Mr. B totally had to help me eat this ice cream. I was totally stuffed from all the wonderful sushi. I wish we could visit them more often, but I think our once a year trip makes the experience even more special. Not saying that I wouldn't go tonight if Mr. B said we could. Haha!

So that was my 25th birthday. After dinner we went home where I put on my pajamas, talked to my Dad out in California, & then watched Breaking Bad on Netflix with the Mister. It was a wonderful day & I wouldn't have changed a single thing about it. Except, Mr. B getting stung by the wasp & the bakery not being open... I would have totally changed that. ;)

Meet Kym from Deaf in the Kitchen! {Guest Post}

Hey you all! Today is my birthday & I am going to be away from the computer celebrating the big 2-5! Woo, getting up there eh? Good thing Mr. B will always be older than me. ;) I will always feel young. Anyways! Since I will be away from all you lovelies today, Kym from Deaf in the Kitchen is here to share a tasty recipe with you all!

Hello Everyone! Krys was kind enough to let me post a recipe on her wonderful blog today. I choose Cheese and Onion Enchiladas, which are a favorite and very delicious. They are a good vegetarian option and can be made vegan with a vegan cheese alternative. When I go out for Mexican food I always order Enchiladas, they are one of my favorites. You can have them with beef, chicken or vegetarian (beans) which is my favorite option. This recipe is easy and can be made with most ingredients you have on hand. The photo I have added pinto beans and mexican rice. I have recipes for those as well, if anyone is interested. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! 

Kym @ Deaf in the Kitchen
Blog / Facebook Fan Page / Bloglovin 

Cheese and Onion Enchiladas by Kym @ Deaf in the Kitchen 

  • 2 tablespoons oil 
  • 2 onions, chopped 
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt 
  • 1 (15 1/2 ounce) can beans, such as kidney, rinsed & drained/or refried beans 
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (or monterey and colby) 
  • 1 (8 ounce) can enchilada sauce 
  • 3/4 teaspoon chili powder 
  • 8 corn tortillas 
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Grease 1 1/2 quart baking dish. 
  3. In skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add onions, oregano and salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, until softened. 
  4. Remove from heat, stir in beans, if using, and 1 1/2 cups cheese. Combine sauce, 2 T water and chili powder. 
  5. Dip each tortilla into sauce; place on plate. 
  6. Spoon 1/3 cup cheese-onion mixture down center of tortilla. Roll up, place seam-side down in baking dish. Repeat. 
  7. Top with remaining sauce and cheese. 
  8. Bake until hot 20-25 minutes.
Uh, yum! Now how great does that sound?!? Thank you Kym for sharing that delicious recipe with us! I love Mexican food & know I will have to try that sometime in the near future! I love your blog & I hope to return the posting favor soon!

In the mean time, if any of you would like to be my next guest poster or have a  product for me to review let me know! I am always looking for new blogging opportunities! :)

Kernsville Dam Butterflies

This week Mr. B & I decided to take a drive less than an hour away to visit the Kernsville Dam. We figured we would take a walk with Odin while I snapped a few pictures. Being a weekday & that kids are supposed to be back at school I figured they wouldn't be too busy. I was wrong. The dam & trails were packed with people, but the compact yet beautiful wildlife area was void of anyone. So we parked & explored it a bit. 

There was a gorgeous butterfly bush filled with butterflies. I was mesmerized & very well did not want to leave the spot I had found myself in. Normally, I am a huge baby & do not like to walk through brush or bushes. I hate spiders & snakes & usually the thought of what could be lurking beneath me would have made me miss the entire experience. But I was determined to get up as close as possible!

And I was rewarded for doing so.

These black butterflies with the vivid colors were the most friendly, they were not shy & it was as though they were wanting to show off their beauty. 

The yellow butterflies were a bit more shy & made me challenge myself & the little photography skills I possess.

They sure are beauties aren't they?

There were other blooms which the butterflies enjoyed dancing around too.

The wildlife area consisted of quite a few different flowers & shrubs. It is maintained by a company called the Blue Mountain Wildlife, Inc. I think they are doing a fantastic job & I am really glad that people like myself are able to come & enjoy the beautiful blooms & butterflies.

So if you are ever in the Kernsville Dam area, which is actually in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. I encourage you to check out this small piece of nature & enjoy the butterflies. I'm sure the black beauties are just waiting for someone to admire them. ♥

That time I tried Kale...

Lunch. Sweet Kale Salad Mix (160 Calories) & a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge (35 Calories). 195 Calories Total.
So, Kale eh? Yeah. Kale kind of intimidates me. Why? I really have no idea. Something about the look of it, the way the heath nuts go crazy over it, the completely snooty attitude that seems to surround it, just kind of scares me. Now, I am not saying that all people who eat Kale are snobs, but since Kale is a very trendy & 'in' thing right now a great portion of them seem to be.

However, while on our monthly shopping trip at Costco I came across a salad mix that intrigued me very much. So much that I purchased it & I am now calling it my baby step into the Kale trend. The salad mix is by Taylor Farms. It is called Sweet Kale Salad Mix & from what I have read on their Facebook page it is only sold in Costco stores at this time.

Now kale is not the only thing in this mix, it also has broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, & chicory. It includes a toppings packet which contains dried cranberries & toasted pumpkin seeds. You don't even need to use your own dressing as it also comes with two packets of it's very own, and very delicious if I might add, poppyseed dressing.

I've always been a fan of salads, but I can honestly say that this salad was pretty darn spectacular. It had so much flavor which I really wasn't expecting. I've never been a fan of any type of seed or nut in my salad. I know some people put almonds or walnuts in their salads for extra protein. But for me it always just had a wrong texture. The pumpkin seeds added a lot to this salad & a few went quite a long way. 

I really can not even describe how much I enjoyed this salad. And, kale isn't so bad after all. I might just have to make some room in my garden next spring & try to grow my own. In the mean time I really hope Costco keeps selling this product. As long as they are selling it, I'll keep buying it & I might just throw my old iceberg lettuce habit out the window.

Do you like kale? How do you eat yours? I know some juice it & others cook it. What is your favorite way to eat this supposed super food

Bzz Bzz Bzz...

Dear Busy Bees,

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, pollinating all of my lovely zucchini flowers. We have been harvesting the zucchini faster than we can eat it & it really is all thanks to you. If it weren't for you little worker Bees, we would never be able to enjoy the fruits & vegetables that we love so much. I often wonder if you know the service you do for human kind, or if you are only doing what is best for your hive. Either way, I thank you for making my garden a success.

Oh, & for totally not stinging me when I went all paparazzi on you.

We want to buy a what?

Mr. B sitting on a Ural. Thinking 'B' should stand for Boris. ;)
Mr. B & I took a trip over to Philadelphia to look at Urals this past weekend. Why? Because they are super fun & we might just be thinking about purchasing one a little bit down the road. I think it is a fantastic idea & it's one I am really excited about.

If you have never heard of a Ural, it's a lucky day as you are about to learn something new. A Ural is a Russian motorcycle typically including a sidecar. (where I get to sit!) These motorcycles, or ones similar have been being made since the early 1940's. If you would like to know their entire history, you can read about them here or just Google for tons of interesting information.

Mr. B is an avid motorcyclist & rides his current motorcycle nearly every day. He's been known not to let rain or even snow bother him. Yes, he is a bit crazy but those who love him know it & don't love him any less. We have been trying to find ways that he can take me with him on rides, decent weather permitting of course. The only problem is, I am a plus sized lady & he ain't to shabby in size either. Despite seeing Harley riders with quite a lot in tow, it's not easy finding a bike that has a high enough weight capacity. So enters the Ural.
Source: Ural
The Ural with it's sidecar more than takes care of our weight situation. I think that this would add a certain bonding element that multiple motorcycles couldn't provide. The few we have looked at have had some extremely comfortable seats. It also has a fairly large trunk in the back of the sidecar. Large enough, believe it or not, of doing a lite shopping trip.

We have yet to test drive one. Though I am really looking forward to it. There are only two Ural dealers close by, & even they are over an hour away if not more. But both Mr. B & I agree that it was well worth the trip to be able to sit in one of these & dream about what it would be like to owning one. The more research we do on it, the more we are thinking about actually doing it. Of course it won't be for a while yet, but it's nice to know what we want for when the time comes.

Have you ever been on a Motorcycle? How about a sidecar? Would you ever consider one? Let me know. 

Lake Jean

Since I was away for a bit, I thought I would share a few images I took of Lake Jean. Lake Jean is in Ricketts Glen State Park here in Pennsylvania. They are supposed to have some of the most beautiful waterfalls, but sadly the amount of people was ridiculous & we didn't want to risk the trails with Odin in tow. We will be going back, hopefully sometime this fall. And, I will remember my tripod this time! :)

With change comes utter chaos... okay, maybe not quite.

The past two weeks have been about change. As you can see, some changes have taken place here in my little piece of blogger land. Sunshine & Rain has taken it's final name change. My lack of blogging recently has been to take a step back & really look at what my blog is really all about. It also was for me to find out if the name I had chosen was still one I would like in a few weeks. I know some people hate change & I wanted to make this change as smooth & final as possible. So let me introduce you to The Mister & Me. A blog still very much as random as the day it started.

If you follow me on Bloglovin' or GFC, nothing will change. I will still be in your feed, just under my new name. If you follow me through RSS or email, you might need to re-follow via feedburner found here. My url will remain the same until I find the need to buy my own domain. Which I honestly don't see happening

Upon returning from my quite short break from blogging, I returned to what seems to be slight chaos. Firstly, Passionfruit Ads which I use for my sponsor bar is deciding to start charging as of September 1st. This irked me a bit as I really was just starting to get into the groove of things there. I know many of you were using Passionfruit for your ads, are you going to pay for their services or have you found a new free site? If you have please let me know in the comments, as I have no idea where to even start looking.

Secondly, my Google Analytic page is no longer tracking & I have no idea what happened. I have gone through the Google troubleshooting steps & have even re-installed the tracking code & nothing worked. Have any of you had issues with your analytic page? If so, help me! I'm normally pretty good at fixing things on my own, but this one I am pretty dumbfounded.

Source: BBC via MTV Geek
So another change is taking place... or has taken place. This one effects more than myself. The BBC has chosen a new Doctor for Doctor Who! The twelfth doctor is being played by a man whom I am not familiar with named Peter Capaldi. I honestly would not have chosen him. My vote was for Richard Hammond from Top Gear. I adore him.

But none the less, it seems many were surprised by the casting of such an older gentleman since the Doctor's regeneration cycles have been making him younger & younger. Perhaps this is a way for the BBC to continue on with Doctor Who without the Doctor becoming a child? Even then I do believe there were many more candidates that could have been better chosen & I like many others hope it was a joke to throw everyone off.

I never really had a strong bond to Matt Smith as Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, I like him & I find him hilarious but David Tennant will always be my Doctor. I waited months before watching the new series with Matt Smith, simply because I was throwing a tantrum that Tennant was gone. I am quite happy that I have a few seasons of Doctor Who to catch up on & that the Matt Smith era is not over for our household thanks to Netflix. It kind of puts a positive spin on not having cable, sort of
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